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Earthship Volumes I
The determining factors of the Earthship concept. The "independent vessel." The Primary building blocks. Details and skills. The greenhouse. Assimilation of modules. Finishes. How to operate an earthship. prototypes.
Earthship Volume II
All about specific components of earthships: photovoltaics, water supply and wastewater, water heating, lighting, adobe fireplaces, stairways. Author Michael Reynolds dives into the details about off-the-grid solar electric systems, out-lining the basics of how they work, and how to reduce your electric needs enough to make them affordable. In a chapter on water systems, he deals with the water supply and waste water, including wells and rainwater catchment systems, greywater systems and composting toilets, plus conventional and alternative septic systems.
Earthship Volume III
Evolution Beyond Economics presents additional details and updated techniques to the art of building Earthships. Based on the accumulated wisdom of dozens of new Earthship projects from around the world, Volume III includes scores of new ideas and refinements to all aspects of designing and building efficient, low-cost Earthships.
Earthship 101 DVD
A10 minute overview of the basic Earthship systems, types of buildings and Earthship communities in Taos County, New Mexico.
Earthship Catalog
A beautiful 34 page, full-color booklet which gives an overview of the different aspects of Earthship Biotecture's past, present and future!

Earthship Gift Special

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