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Comfort in Any Climate
To learn the basic principles of radiant solar energy, observe a dog. In the summer he lies in the s..
Earthship Catalog
A beautiful 34 page, full-color booklet which gives an overview of the different aspects of Earthshi..
Global Plan Option Booklet
  Introduction to the Global Model Earthship. Shows examples of different plan options and b..
Packaged Earthship Detail Book
Our Detail Book includes detailed drawings, diagrams, and pictures with material lists for our packa..
Packaged Plan Option Booklet
  Introduction to Packaged Earthships. Shows examples of different plan options and briefly ..
Water From the Sky
  The volume of water on this planet is finite while human population continues to swell. As..
A Coming of Wizards
Describes a way of thinking and living that is vividly expressed in Earthship Biotecture. Written..
Earthship Engineer Report
Evaluation of the seismic performance of alternative construction materials in New Mexico. Prepared ..
Earthship Journey Volume 1
Earthship Coffee Table Book: Part I   Hardcover, 220 pages, 9" x 12" color plates, storie..
Earthship Volume 1
by Michael Reynolds. 240 pages.  The determining factors of the Earthship ..
Earthship Volume 2
by Michael Reynolds. 257 pages. While Earthship Volume I is about design and ..
Earthship Volume 3
Earthship Volume III: Evolution Beyond Economics presents additional details and up..

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