A Coming of Wizards - Earthship Biotecture

A Coming of Wizards

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A Manual of Human Potential.

8 Pamphlets covering the concepts and philosophies behind being human and designing, living in and teaching Earthship Biotecture.

Looking at the Human Condition, A Link with Light, Where Mind and Matter Meet, The Coming of Wizards, Direct Living, The Art of Leaning, Non Local Awareness, Image of God

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eric Tolman

Earthship’s are a wonder to behold! Earthship communities are a viable solution to a sustainable planet. Have the best day of your life!

Sarah Block
Thought provoking

Something that can be read over and over. We need to change our thinking if we are to survive!

K. Davis
Exciting Re-visioning

Re-aligning how humans interact and in concert with our beautiful planet can be a reality once again. Indigenous peoples understood this and the abundance of resources that teemed across the lands was testament to such stewardship. Michael Reynolds' 'A Coming of Wizards' is a beautiful, accessible re-imagining of how we can live with purpose and mindfulness without continuing to destroy the very life that sustains us, Earth.

Sonia Toledo

Only into the fourth chapter, but fully appreciating the author’s gift for presenting esoteric wisdom in understandable terms. These little books decode instructions to help us get in touch with our true nature, where our power and joy resides.

David watson
Do not let the title fool you!

A Coming of Wizards: A Manual of Human Potential is a unique text in that it covers the author’s history and personal story and his thoughts and views on world ecology, architecture, spirituality and physics. It also includes Reynolds’ poetry throughout. This book is very engaging and thorough. The author shares many diagrams to explain his concepts and also pictures of his Earthship structures in New Mexico from the simple to the more complex. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a more sustainable way to live, those who are environmentally conscious or those interested in radically changing society for the better.