A Coming of Wizards - Earthship Biotecture

A Coming of Wizards

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A Manual of Human Potential.

8 Pamphlets covering the concepts and philosophies behind being human and designing, living in and teaching Earthship Biotecture.

Looking at the Human Condition, A Link with Light, Where Mind and Matter Meet, The Coming of Wizards, Direct Living, The Art of Leaning, Non Local Awareness, Image of God

Customer Reviews

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K. Davis
Exciting Re-visioning

Re-aligning how humans interact and in concert with our beautiful planet can be a reality once again. Indigenous peoples understood this and the abundance of resources that teemed across the lands was testament to such stewardship. Michael Reynolds' 'A Coming of Wizards' is a beautiful, accessible re-imagining of how we can live with purpose and mindfulness without continuing to destroy the very life that sustains us, Earth.

Sonia Toledo

Only into the fourth chapter, but fully appreciating the author’s gift for presenting esoteric wisdom in understandable terms. These little books decode instructions to help us get in touch with our true nature, where our power and joy resides.

David watson
Do not let the title fool you!

A Coming of Wizards: A Manual of Human Potential is a unique text in that it covers the author’s history and personal story and his thoughts and views on world ecology, architecture, spirituality and physics. It also includes Reynolds’ poetry throughout. This book is very engaging and thorough. The author shares many diagrams to explain his concepts and also pictures of his Earthship structures in New Mexico from the simple to the more complex. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a more sustainable way to live, those who are environmentally conscious or those interested in radically changing society for the better.

Jason Alexander
A priceless book, in my opinion.

It is difficult to adequately describe something like 'A Coming of Wizards,' for it is more than your typical book; imagine trying to review a sacred text, like the Bible. From a literary standpoint, 'Wizards' is well-written, with a pleasing format and a clear, appropriate voice (and enough typos to make it human). Likewise, the overt subject matter is presented in an intelligent and engaging manner, and the text is threaded with a series of soulful illustrations that could nearly fill a book of their own. The author writes with sobriety, passion, and conviction, plus an admirable humility. Indeed, from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, the book is functional and readable (and, for me at least, enjoyable).

However, there's more to 'Wizards' than its literary nature, for the book's true substance lies in its profound wisdom. Namely, the reader is treated to a comprehensive collection of profound, cosmic ideas, which, in total, construct an entire worldview (one which is, most likely, a drastic departure from that possessed by most people). Furthermore, these heady concepts are discussed elegantly and articulately, with careful allegories and practical illustrations, as to present them with a levelheadedness that's sorely absent from many such "esoteric" works (so-called). In the end, the author successfully conveys these impossibly large, broad-thinking concepts (or so I felt), with a rare balance of head and heart. If there's a better primer for such an expansive, cosmic-minded way of thinking, I've not read it.

I came away from the book feeling equally encouraged, inspired, and informed (and more than a little entertained). Thus, I render 'Wizards' a deserved five-star rating. A true accomplishment, this one.

My sincere thanks goes out to this book's author, subjects, and publisher. I am grateful for, and have benefited from, your work and service.

(And, an interesting footnote: this book echoed some of the deepest, most personal, and most crucial truths that I presently maintain. In fact, it gave voice to several ideas that I'd never heard spoken by anyone else, and with an eerie precision of description, sometimes using even the exact same terms that I use internally. Yet, most interestingly: I've maintained these truths for years or decades, long *before* ever reading the book, such that it would seem that myself and the author reached startlingly similar conclusions despite never meeting (and, while living generations apart, thousands of miles from one another). Nor was I even aware of the book's contents beforehand, having purchased it on a random intuition, online. This doesn't constitute objective proof of the ideas and concepts detailed in the book, of course; however, such independent correlation is certainly notable (as well as heartening on a personal level).)