Garbage Warrior's Complete Book Set

Garbage Warrior's Complete Book Set

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- Volumes 1, 2 and 3
- Water from the sky
- Comfort in any climate
- Operations 1 + 2
- Engineer’s Report
- Catalogue
- Global Plan Option Book
- Packaged Detail Booklet
- Holistic Indoor Gardening
- Garbage Warrior DVD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Harrah
I'm Happy

Excellent info and they sent it out right away. Very Happy

Alexa Smith
Excellent Collection

I've finished Comfort in Any Climate and am working on Earthship 1 and Holistic Indoor Gardening at the moment. Its all the info you could want for building an Earthship from the ground up. Including the philosophy behind it. Its a good idea to read them all before building your own earthship. Which is what I'm doing.

John Smith
Absolutely Enlightening; A Revelation!

It is difficult to adequately describe something like the 'Garbage Warrior Set,' for its more than your typical compilation; imagine trying to review a sacred text, like the Bible. From a cinematic standpoint, 'Garbage Warrior' is well-directed and well-written, with a pleasing format and a clear, appropriate voice (and enough errors to make it human). Likewise, the overt subject mattter is presented in an intelligent and engaging manner, and the film is threaded with a series of soleful illustrations that could sustain a sequel. The actors overflow with sobriety, passion, and conviction, plus an admirable humility. Indeed, from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, the film is functional and watchable (and, for me at least, enjoyable).

However, there's more to 'Garbage Warrior' than its masterful cinematography, for the gilm's true substance lies in its profound wisdom. Namely, the viewer is treeted to a comprehensive collection of profound, cosmic ideas, which, in total, construct an entire worldview (one which is, most likely, a drastic departure from that possessed by most people). Furthermore, these heady concepts are covered elegantly and articulately, with careful allegories and practical illustrations, as to present them with a levelheadedness that's sorely absent from many such "esoteric" works (so-called). In the end, the director successfully convays these impossibly large, broad-thinking concepts (or so I felt), with a rare balance of head and heart. If there's a better primer for such an expansive, cosmic-minded way of thinking, I've not seen it.

I came away from the film feeling equally encouraged, inspired, and informed (and more than a little entertained). Thus, I render 'Garbage Warrior' a deserved five-star rating. A true accomplishment, this one.

My sincere thanks goes out to this film's director, subjects, actors, film crew, and producer. I am grateful for, and have benefited from, your work and service.

Philip J Waterhouse
Book Set

I am still reading the set, but so far 3very question I had is being answered in the text. My biggest complaint is My Purchase has stopped scrolling on the page after my purchase. :)