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Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Academy Online

Earthship Academy Online

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Core Classes– Earthship Design Principles

  1. Thermal/Solar heating and cooling
  2. Building with natural and re-purposed materials
  3. Water Harvesting, Storage and filtration
  4. Contained Sewage Treatment
  5. Solar and Wind Electric Systems
  6. Food Production


  • Water Organisation Module
  • Electric Wiring
  • Earthship Maintenance
  • Layout Lab
  • Power Tools Safety

Hands-on Field Study preparation

  • Job Safety and Power Tools Safety
  • Vault in Earthships
  • Carpentry
  • Tours
  • Pounding Tires

Methodology – How Earthships Function.

  • History and Evolution of Earthships
  • Basics of Earthship Construction Techniques
  • How to read Earthship Construction drawings
  • Earthship Types
  • The Water Organization Module
  • How to build Gray and Black Water Systems
  • The Basics of Electricity
  • The Power Organizing Module
  • Building Permit and Process for Earthship Permitting
  • Earthship Finishes Options
  • Earthship Operations
  • Earthship Disaster and Poverty Relief projects
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Earthship Inspired Housing example
  • Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Staging an Earthship Build
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