Holistic Indoor Gardening - Earthship Biotecture

Holistic Indoor Gardening

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Holistic indoor gardening is a distillation of personal experience, research and education from an Earthship insider's perspective into a practical and straightforward guide. 

Whether you struggle to keep houseplants alive or are a master gardener, this handbook will address every aspect needed to operate a clean, happy and healthy indoor garden. The goal of this work is to better equip and serve the individuals who are seeking a simpler and more natural alternative to the destructive and complicated farming practices propagated today. The sincere intention for this book is that is will encourage, edify, and empower budding and seasoned gardeners on their walk closer with the Earth. 

A Panoptic View Through the Lens of Earthship Greenhouse Management

written by Daniel Dynan

Holistic Indoor Gardening includes:

Earthship inspired gardening techniques
Diverse greenhouse styles and layouts
Innovative greywater systems and mechanics
Plant archetypes and biotypes
Dynamic, high-efficiency poly-culture plant guilds
Versatile management styles
Off-grid food production
Integrative design strategies
Homegrown organic fertilization programs
Health engendering and in-depth pest protocols
Sustainable and eco-friendly tactics
Edible mushroom cultivation
Permaculture based ethics and methodology and much more!