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Earthship Biotecture

A Coming of Wizards - Paperback

A Coming of Wizards - Paperback

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A Manual of Human Potential.

A Coming of Wizards, originally published in 1989 by Michael Reynolds, is a book that explores concepts of sustainable living, self-sufficiency, and the connection between humans and their environment. The book is part philosophical treatise, part practical guide, focusing on how one can live in harmony with the natural world through thoughtful design and architecture, particularly through the use of Earthship biotecture.

Earthships are a type of sustainable and environmentally-friendly dwelling conceptualized and developed by Michael Reynolds.  Earthships are constructed using natural and recycled materials, with designs that emphasize energy efficiency, water harvesting, and food production. This book delves into the mindset and philosophy required to create such living spaces, emphasizing a holistic approach to the design and interaction with nature.

Reynolds introduces the concept of the "Wizard" as someone who is deeply aware of the flows of energy and materials in the environment and who uses this knowledge to create sustainable systems that enhance rather than deplete the earth. The book is both inspirational and instructional, aiming to empower readers to think creatively and critically about how they interact with their environment. It serves as a call to action for innovative thinking in architecture and personal responsibility towards the planet.

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