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The secret of thermal mass for off-grid house.

Earthship Volume 1

Michael Reynolds discovered how Nature store heat energy and had experimented it over decades in real housing applications. When I read his clean explanation about thermal mass, it instantly made everything so clearly how to build off-grid house. 
Enough amount of material which has good thermal characteristics, i.e. soil or natural rock, works as heat energy storage. Reynolds suggests at 4 ft to 5 ft depth from the ground, the average temperature is between 25 to 27 Celsius degrees year round. 


Great information for going offgrid.

Earthship Volume 2

The described method of making entry doors is both simple and allows a novice to build a door that will outlast most store bought wooden doors, and allows for elegant detailing of the woodwork without former carpentry experience. I especially enjoyed where he describes running his kitchen sink water to an indoor planter where he placed a two dollar philodendron which grew to the size of a tree with flowers and fruit pods he’s never seen on other such plants, and it being so healthy that bugs left it totally alone.

John A

Self-sufficient, off-grid housing with food, natural heating/cooling & water catchment.

Earthship Volume 3

I bought this book when I was introduced to these ideas through a video documentary on earthships by mike reynolds that I checked out from the library called “Garbage Warrior.” I love many of the ideas of earthships, including using waste tires for something constructive, building my own house, having food-growing considerations included, heating/cooling using solar and earth, and water-catching and purifying all built into the structure. 

Marie T

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